Private Label Cosmetics & Skin Care Manufacturer, a leading private label organic skin care manufacturer has several products that are paraben-free made with real fruit extract and essential oils like lemon verbena soap, lavender body lotion, chamomile eye gel. The product line is never tested on animals either so it is cruelty-free. This includes the makeup. This private label skin care is affordable too. They have day and night creams as well. There are anti-aging creams that are rich in anti-oxidants as well.

What separates from other makeup manufacturing companies, is that the foundation is light not thick on the skin. It doesn’t clog your pores. Concealer and powder also go on lightly. It feels and looks like aren’t even wearing any makeup. Instead it improves the skin while covering blemishes and redness and shadows under the eyes. It creates a nice even tone. Eye shadow in pretty spring pastel shades is added to eyes along with eyeliner and mascara. Lip liner and lipstick adds the final touch to your lips and face. Lipsticks come in pink,tan,nude and berry shades and go on soft and the color stays on a long time without having to keep reapplying it.

Organic skin care and makeup from this private label manufacturer is like nothing else you have tried. It is rich in moisturizers that make your skin feel softer and more youthful. Coconut oil is in many of the products so it adds oils to your skin. Remember, the skin is the largest organ of your body so it is really important what you put on it as the pores absorb the cream right into the body. Peppermint oil is invigorating,tea tree oil has antiseptic qualities which is why find them in facial cleansers. These products are truly organic,environment friendly, green and definitely what many are looking for today.