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 How to Beat a Drinking and Driving Charge in Detroit MI

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In the State of Michigan, a person who has the blood alcohol content of 0.17% or more than that may be charged under the Michigan super drunk law. The punishments for a Super Drunk conviction are approximately double the amount of jail time as well as driver’s license suspension and increased fines.

The prison term for a normal DUI may include a maximum period of 93 days, but, according to the Michigan super  drunk law, an individual charged with the Super Drunk driving may have to face an incarceration of up to 180 days. The fines related to a Super Drunk accusation are also significantly higher. Whereas an individual charged with a normal DUI may be prepared to pay between $100 to $500 in fines and court expenses, a Super Drunk charge may carry the cost that ranges from $200 to $700. You need an experienced DUI attorney in Detroit to help you with your case.

If fines and the increased jail time are not bad enough, an individual convicted of a Super Drunk crime will face a long driver’s license suspension. Not like a traditional DUI that carries 150 days of limited driving and 30 days of no driving, according to the Michigan super drunk law the same charge carries a punishment of 320 days of limited driving and 45 days of absolutely no driving.

This driving conviction also orders that an ignition interlock appliance must be set up for the whole period of limited driving. Furthermore, the expenses for installing, hiring, and upholding the ignition interlock appliance will come from the pocket of the charged individual.

The necessity of hiring a Detroit DUI Lawyer

If you have been charged under a Super Drunk accusation in Detroit, an experienced Detroit DUI lawyer can support you to defend you in the court and can appeal a conviction, if the Michigan super drunk law permits. A knowledgeable Detroit criminal defense attorney will be skilled to get all the police reports and related papers quickly, and will review them watchfully. By categorizing what to seek, the Detroit DUI lawyer may be experienced to find out legal defenses, which the client would not have known about or familiar.

Before you hire an attorney get educated on Michigan drinking and driving laws.


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